What follows is an excerpt from Maurice Cornforth’s 1952 Readers’ Guide to the Marxist Classics.


(6) Stalin on Lenin (continued)

(d) J. V. Stalin. “Interview with the First American Labour Delegation.” J. V. Stalin Collected Works, Vol. 10, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1954, 97-153.

In his Interview Given to the First American Labour Delegation in 1927, Stalin deals with the main questions on which Lenin contributed something new in development of the doctrines of Marx.

Lenin wholly and entirely based himself on the principles of Marxism, but he developed Marx’s doctrines further, in accordance with new historical conditions. That is why Leninism is defined as “Marxism of the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions.”¹

In particular, Lenin continued and added to Marxism on the following points:

  1. the analysis of imperialism and monopoly capitalism;
  2. the dictatorship of the proletariat;
  3. the building of socialist economy;
  4. the leading role of the working class;
  5. the national and colonial question;
  6. the working class party.

¹ See Stalin, Foundations of Leninism and On the Problems of Leninism.


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